Taoist Soap Review by the Skin and Hair Specialist

Taoist Soap Review By SpecialistThe Taoist soap has been rated as a great soap for both the skin and scalp – having tested this soap for 3 months, on 35 patients with various skin and scalp problems (inflammation related) these are the findings so far:

86% of the people using the soap, had their condition improve by the third month, with inflammation almost completely gone. It would have required more testing to see if longer use would make the inflammation reduced by 100% – this will continue and we will update results on another blog post.

As for how the patients used the soap; they were instructed to use the soap lightly on the first month – applying on fingertips first, and then applying over the most affected areas – not worrying about getting every last bit of area covered, just the main areas – leaving it in for 2-3 seconds for the first week, and then leaving it in longer (10 seconds to a minute afterwards) after that.

The conditions all improved significantly, not even the steroid creams had such an effect. Patients with an itchy scalp had issues applying the soap, but this was resolved with practice; as they only needed to apply on the scalp (as that is where the soap will get to work, and help renew the scalp and hair follicles in turn).

The soap was also found to be effective for infections of the scalp when combined with other medication (whilst those medications were not as effective when used alone on their own).

If you aren’t yet familiar with the Taoist soap; the Taoist soap is a botanical edible soap, that is designed for treatment of external inflammation; the ingredients of the soap work as a group, and if one or two were missing (or ratios were incorrect), the soap would prove to be useless for treating inflammation, let alone anything else.

Inflammation has a problem for many people today – including those suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. If inflammation can be stopped, then hair loss can also stop progressing, and possibly regrow hair if the scalp is not too clogged up (hence the reason scalp massage was recommended to people using the soap to help with hair growth and thickening) – although it is suggested that a regime is built on, where scalp massage once a day is carried out.

Scalp massage is an underrated method of vessel opening that many people don’t want to do – but simply doing this alone can help unblock vessels in the body, and allow the inflammation be dealt with by the Taoist soap, diet correction, exercise and correct nutrient supplementation; at least this is the conclusion of the Reviowologist research team – regime always is the best treatment.

You ask – how will I know what will work if I do 10 things in one go?

You don’t need to know what was working – you just need results. Every aspect of what you do, as a regime towards your goal, will contribute towards the end goal. It is like biting into enough food, that will make you finally full and satisfied – you don’t need to know what ingredient made you full, makes no sense.

Where can I find the Taoist Soap?

The Taoist soap is not available in stores, although some health clinics of eastern medicine do sell this, but only privately when needed by the their patients. That said, the Taoist soap can be found online for purchase from only one main website – www.TaoistSoap.com – the main official page of the company and buy page.

There were reports of copies (replica version) of the soap being sold for very cheap – but be aware, this is not the real Taoist soap; unfortunately some people have took it for the real soap and put up reviews of the wrong soap (with a picture of the imitation) and calling it the Taoist soap – so please always be sure to check the websites mentioned – the company spokesperson told the Reviewologist team that they have no intention to supply the product to other online websites and that it is only for private distribution via their official website, Taoistsoap.com – so you are safe, if ordering from this website only.  

Taoist soap Stamp – What is it? Korean or Chinese?

The Stamp is in Chinese – and we have been told it is a stamp of a famous mountain range.

Update: The stamp is not on all their soaps variations (as they have various locations it is made in, but the functionality of the soap, remains just as effective, obviously).

To conclude, this is a highly recommended product, and the Reviewologist team have rated this as a high quality product with a knowledgeable support team to go with it. 

PS: Remember to test all topical products on a small patch of the skin, and waiting 24 hours, before using full time. This applies to natural and synthetic products collectively. 




Taoist Soap

Taoist Soap

Does what it Says

9.5 /10


  • Works for Scalp Inflammation
  • Helps Reducing Hair loss
  • Increased Hair Growth Rate
  • Skin Cell Renewal
  • No Side Effects


  • Price
  • Minimal Availability
  • Can be Out of Stock

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