Minoxidil Review for Hair Growth

minoxidil foam side effects There are various forms of minoxidil – used in different products, as well as generic brands – but how effective is it for hair growth in the long term?

Hair growth is one of the most difficult things to resolve for people – we have even managed to help cancer victims who are about to die, and save their lives, than save someone from hair loss.

Of course -hair loss is not life threatening – but it does affect the self image of many – whilst some are perfectly fine with it, and ignore it.

Minoxidil has been used for expanding vessels for a long time before it was used for hair loss – it was designed for heart patients who have clogged vessels and helped prevent worsening heart disease – but it was later discovered that it can help with hair growth if applied topically.

Does this mean Minoxidil works for hair growth?

Not exactly – the organization that studied the tests for hair growth said the following: the product will not work for everyone”, 39 percent of the men studied had “moderate to dense hair growth on the crown of the head”.

What’s the Good news?

There is a reason hair loss does not have a general cure – but it does have a cure – at an individual level, and it has been done before – just no cure that can be standardized for everyone – hence the pharmaceutical industry always says, there is no cure.

The good news is that you can help hair loss – minoxidil however is not the answer – but it points towards the right answer – the reason minoxidil even partly worked on some patients is because it increased blood circulation – whilst they don’t make this clear if you research minoxidil and how it works – but a look at Wikipedia shows enough information to understand it’s history. Also – if you read the Minoxidil section on this page, they clearly say it’s unclear how it works – but this is not the case, we already know from the development phase, that it was designed to expand the blood vessels – and we already have many people who talk about scalp massage, being a key in helping hair growth, because it helps blood circulation.

Whilst many people swear by Minoxidil – the negatives being, that you must use it for life, and the fact that results dwindle after some time – we do not recommend using it – as if you stop, you go through a hair shedding phase, and this only worsens your hair loss (for men and women); so for this reason, we do not recommend using this method.





1.0 /10


  • Can help Temporarily


  • Long Term Use Causes Inflammation
  • Lose More Hair in the Process
  • Does Not Work Long Term

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