3 Reasons Your Unstable Emotions are Negatively Affecting how you Look

beauty of a person affected from emotionsOnce, my mom used to tell me: “don’t think bad thoughts, they will change your face and make you look like a monster” – this used to bother me at the time, but it did help me focus on more positive things.

Yes we all have negative thoughts; they naturally come. It is about consciously redirecting them to the direction that you want to go, rather than stay and dramatize about various situations in life (which happen, its life!).

There have been studies by private communities – but to be honest, I don’t feel like quoting studies today when writing this; because I don’t want to reenforce the idea that only with studies done, can we believe or be open to an aspect of life.

Studies and clinical trials only form a percentage of what helps us see better of reality – but it is not the end all be all. Our personal experience is the biggest study there is – as long a you maintain intention to see truth, rather than what you want to see, you will eventually see more detailed truth.

So when it comes to unstable emotions – yes, it is true and proven in many ways, that your looks can and do get affected and change from it – why won’t they – emotions affect hormones, and hormones are one of the most key aspects of maintaining beauty and youthful looks in men and women – this is known very clearly, for various hormones like HGH.

Hormones and emotions have a mind-body like connection – they both can affect the other. So you already know as a fact, that taking steroids (which are types of hormones) can negatively affect the person, and cause them to get angry at things very easily – this is hormone affecting emotions – this problem can only happen if you have an imbalance of hormones, and this can be helped by going on a lean meat diet (meat and leafy greens ONLY).

But many people mess up their hormone balance by allowing themselves to be affected by stressful situations – be it from family, friends spouse and everything in-between. And this cannot be corrected only by vitamins and minerals or diet change – this needs thought management as well, to distance yourself mentally from the situation.

Another form of thought management is meditation – as this allows you to distance yourself, and build that neurology that is required to get to that stage (yes, your brain physically changes after a few months of daily meditation of 20 minutes or so).

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